Events Planning and Management

Special Events security often requires changing and modifying procedures to fit the event, making a routine or repetitive security module inadvisable and imprudent.  The M.V.P. Security LLC special events planning team will work with your management and staff to assess each event and then devise and implement a seamless and smooth security solution.

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    Public events have layers of security complications:


    • Managing regional permit requirements
    • Keeping pre-staged equipment safe (metal detectors, bag screening areas, etc.)
    • Controlling traffic and parking lot management
    • Maintaining access control points
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    M.V.P. Security LLC events planning team is ready to help.  Our security assessment professionals will meet with your team, learn your current process and together we can determine if any changes are necessary and if needed, create a complete security plan that includes methods for implementation and training.

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    Some of our points of focus are to understand:

    Review with your staff the event flow diagram for each event: 

    • Understand all activities before, during, and after the event
    • Prepare a security plan for setup, performance, and tear down activities
    • Develop a training plan to coordinate with event staff and security teams


    The demographic of your attendees: 

    • Establish awareness priorities for potential risks
    • Prepare access control procedures 
    • Develop a crowd control management plan


    Traffic and parking lot management:

    • For setup and load in for the event
    • Parking lot access and flow control
    • Emergency access planning
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    These are just a few of our points of focus that we evaluate to ensure your staff and guests are safe and secure. We will assess and create a security consultation unique to your event and provide you the recommended implementation and training procedures to help ensure a safe and secure event.


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