Resorts Security 1

Spa and Resorts Security Planning

Resorts, spas, and holiday destinations may require unique security requirements compared to routine travel shelters and M.V.P. Security LLC's coordinated consultation team can offer support.  


Our security assessment professionals will meet with your team, learn your current process and together we can determine if any changes are necessary and if needed, create a complete security assessment that includes plans for implementation and training.

Some of the frequent areas of focus include:

  1. Access Control
  • Determine the levels of access required and preventing unauthorized access, whether accidental or purposeful
  • Design, implement and provide training for any specialized screenings or inspections during special events or VIP visitations
  • Awareness and training for any specialized equipment required during special events and VIP visits
  • Providing security while also being sensitive to individual rights and freedoms


  1. Onsite Control
  • Maintaining a stress-free environment for guests by the presence of a trained team to handle operational security
  • Property management and guest safety
  • Special events and parking management
  • Emergency Response


  1. Establish necessary relationships and communications
  • Providing liaison with external departments (police, EMS)
  • Continual assessment of changes, trend analysis and review of current process to determine if changes are necessary
  • Providing updates and training to resort staff



Maintaining safety and security in an ever-changing and complex world requires a coordinated effort between multiple entities. Our solutions will be fit and customized for your individual needs.