Houses of Worship Security Assessment and Consultation

Houses of Worship (HOWs), once considered a safe refuge and a sanctuary for many, now face growing and constantly changing safety and security challenges that often require a thorough evaluation on how best to keep members safe.

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    Only 1 in 10 HOWs have a written guidance on how to deal with emergency situations, but only a small percentage of them fully implement it, leaving them:

    • Under prepared
    • With limited or no emergency response team
    • Insufficient planning or training
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    M.V.P. Security LLC is committed to protecting and serving our communities. Our security assessment professional will meet with your team, learn your current process, and together we can determine if any changes are necessary.  And, if needed, create a simple security plan that includes methods of implementation and training.

    Our efforts include:

    • Facility assessment
    • Safety policies, emergency planning and staff training
    • Designing a security plan for the specific needs of your facility
    • Developing a comprehensive training program
    • Implementing the policy and training your staff
  • MVP Security Protecting the Flock

    Using innovative technology, we can minimize any current security vulnerabilities and apply scenario-based plans that will assist your staff and church members in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

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    It is not in the nature of HOWs to mistrust. We need HOWs to do and be what they have traditionally done -  providing a safe haven and support to the larger community that other places do not. A place to belong, to deal with life’s struggles, and to celebrate victories.