Cybersecurity Division


Do you have questions or concerns about cybersecurity?

How safe do you think your network information systems are against a security breach?

Do you have a security plan in place?

Multi-War Veterans Protective Security LLC (M.V.P. Security LLC) proudly announces the opening of its Cybersecurity Division for Small Business in the spring of 2021. Using innovative technology, state-of-the-art software, and the most up-to-date information and knowledge available, the Cybersecurity Division is ready to assist the small business community in navigating the seemingly infinite challenges and threats that businesses face in the digital economy.

Small businesses are prime targets for cyber attacks and digital security breaches as they often lack the resources or expertise to completely protect themselves. Furthermore, small businesses are underserved by the cybersecurity industry due to a lack of available resources.


M.V.P. Security LLC’s Cybersecurity Division was created specifically for the small business community with a focus on scalability, functionality, and affordability.

Services include:

  • Survey to evaluate what your company’s needs are and determine what services might be necessary or crucial to your company’s security
  • Awareness seminar to discover what gaps exist and how best to provide resolutions
  • In-depth seminars and classes, both comprehensive and narrowly focused training, to resolve the issues that exist (some items listed below)
  • Cybersecurity Basics/Physical Security
  • Ransomware/Malware
  • Phishing
  • Email Authentication
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Cyber Liability and Compliance
  • Nessus Vulnerability software to physically scan network systems to search for security holes and existing vulnerabilities that need remediation
  • The Cybersecurity team has over 57 years combined experience in, information technology (IT) systems, security planning and implementation, military cryptology and intelligence, and security audits


M.V.P. Security LLC’s Cybersecurity Division works closely with each of our clients to review, plan, and implement a security solution that will keep your sensitive data and digital systems safe from “hackers” and “bad actors”.


Good people, doing good things.