Architectural Imaging Division

Access Control Texas

M.V.P. Security LLC – A.rchitectural I.maging D.ivision creates 3D models that have multiple applications in the areas of facility management and security, construction and emergency response planning. We now offer the most advanced 3D Imaging Security Management solution available.

High Value Application Areas:

Preventative Maintenance
Asset maintenance can be a complex issue that can create problems that have a high impact on operating budgets. Facilities that are not functional can disrupt business operations. 3D models create a more effective way of coordinating teams and resources by shortening downtimes of functional resources.

Protect Assets, Identify Threats, Address Vulnerabilities and Reduce Risk
An effective security plan is more than surveillance and access control; it requires a full risk assessment and layered approach while implementing technology to help with accurate documentation and virtual collaboration.

Emergency Services
Instant access to everyone who needs the plan current and accurate. Increasing the accuracy and response times of emergency services.

Insurance and Claims
Having all assets properly documented with detailed notes and records can be critical in assessing damage and replacement costs.

Construction Cost Overruns
Addressing project management concerns more directly with:

  • Timeline managed records
  • Comparison to original designs accessed in real time
  • Better coordination of teams and resources
  • Reduces costly, excess site tours


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