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Managing security in today’s complex and rapidly changing business and social environments requires more than a one-time assessment and implementation. New requirements and conditions happen with little notification and adequate preparation time, which introduce the potential for costly disruptions and potential delays in implementing the new procedures. 

The current available Security Solutions offered by M.V.P. Security LLC are offered below.  



  • Public events have layers of security complications, from regional permit requirements and keeping pre-staged equipment safe to traffic, parking lot management, and access control, creating multiple details in the planning stages. 

    M.V.P. Security LLC assessment professionals will meet with your event planning team to determine current procedures and offer an assessment to recommend if any changes are necessary, offer plans to work with outside agents (permit regulations, local police and medical agencies), and if needed, develop a plan to include implementation steps and training.

  • Houses of Worship historically have been considered a sanctuary from the world.  In today’s divisive and contentious environment, however, those places of safety face new and constantly changing challenges and even threats to safety.

    M.V.P. Security LLC offers several specialized methods developed specifically for the unique challenges Houses of Worship face. Our security professionals can meet with your organization’s leadership and service committees to analyze current methods, building and campus access points, and crowd gathering places to determine the levels of security and safety measures required to ensure gatherings, services, and educational sessions are problem free and secure.

  • Oil and gas construction sites, as well as storage and pipeline facilities, adhere to their own unique specific and often regulated security and safety challenges. Commercial and residential construction have their own unique set of challenges as well.  Offering a one-size fits all plan for all construction sites and industry locations is neither practical nor always reasonable economically. 


    At M.V.P. Security LLC, our planning team is ready to help. Our security assessment professionals will meet with your team, learn your current process and together we can determine if any changes are necessary and if needed, create a complete security plan that includes methods for implantation and training.

  • Resorts, spas, and holiday destinations may require unique security requirements compared to routine travel shelters and M.V.P. Security LLC coordinated consultation team can offer support.  

    Our security assessment coordinators will meet with your management and staff to determine current challenges and problems and together we can develop a comprehensive security and safety plan that will keep guests and staff protected against potential threats. Special events security, emergency evacuation procedures, and emergency medical response are all areas that M.V.P. Security LLC can help ensure resorts remain a place of leisure and relaxation.

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    On-site and Shared Patrol Security

    In today's current environment, institutional security, whether commercial, government or social institutions, security solutions are important and often necessary. But offering a one-size fits all plan for every institution is neither practical nor always reasonable economically. 

    At M.V.P. Security LLC, we have developed security solutions that can streamline the evaluation process and design an individualized security plan for a variety of institutional needs. Our institutional security planning professionals can meet with your team, learn your current process, and together we can build a detailed security plan that includes methods for implementation and training.