About Multi-War Veterans Protective Security LLC

Residential & Commercial Security Guard Services

​ Multi-War Veterans Protective Security LLC is here to provide professional and effective protection to all in need of such services. We have on-site, patrol and personal protection services, as well as estate protection, event security and security consultation. Our philosophy is to deliver top notch security protection and expertise with the personal touch and dedication which people have come to expect from us. M.V.P. Security LLC stands above the rest in unmatched service and protection due to the adherence to a higher standard of excellence and dedicated employees here to serve and protect your assets and personnel. We currently offer our services to Denver and the surrounding areas. ​

M.V.P. Security was conceived by Mike "Doc" Richard and Andrew Johnson. Doc, a two-time combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan as a Combat Medic, has an extensive and diverse background in security and management. Andrew has a vast variety of experience in many fields including contract security, industrial construction, and emergency medical services. After years of working in the field and seeing all of the holes and corners that were being cut by other companies in the industry, we made it our goal at M.V.P. Security LLC to outshine and outperform all other private security companies.